Old House and surrounding areas are immersed in historical, cultural and resources of outstanding natural beauty.

The Saline area, in Penna San Giovanni, is a park which extends to the river of the same name from whence comes the natural spring water. This water contains different elements including sulphur contributing to its healing properties. It is possible to walk or mountain bike ride along the various tracks making sure you don’t miss the opportunity to walk along the ‘Paessaggi d’ Acqua’, this trail encompasses the villages of Gualdo, Penna San Giovanni and Sant Angelo in Pontano.

From the Old House within a 35 minute drive, you can reach either the beaches along the Adriatic coast or the mountains in the Sibillini National Park. You will find maps and brochures in house that will help you discover many of the surrounding places of interest, for you perfect holiday in this area.

The Pilato Lake, at 1940 m. above sea level, set in a natural basin on the slope of M. Vettore is the home of the ‘Chirocephalus of Marchesoni’, a little red shrimp unique in the world. The legend of this lake is linked to Pontius Pilate, the famous Roman governor in Palestine. It is said that he was beheaded and his body thrown into the waters. The lake in fact turns red every summer thus re-fuelling the legend.

Possible to visit some other historic towns such as Loreto, Macerata, Urbisaglia, Sarnano and Fermo, becoming engrossed in some of the different historical events that take place from time to time.

Italy is famous for its gastronomic delights and anyone who enjoys their food will be in their element here.  We recommend eating  at the local tipical restaurants.

Le Marche is heaven for those who enjoy shopping. There are many factory outlets for shoes, clothes, handbags and wallets, as well   many local markets :- Sarnano –Thursdays; Civitanova – Saturdays; Cacamo – Sunday afternoons.